We know how online shopping can be. We don’t want you to say “Expectation vs Reality” as we highly care about your satisfaction. The plant we send are greatly taken care of and are in the best condition. But, if you run into the following scenarios, we got you covered:

  • Not satisfied with the plant at delivery point:

When we deliver your order, you may check your order on the spot. If you are not satisfied, you may return the plant and the amount excluding transportation charges will be refunded.

  • 7 days Guarantee:

We don’t want your plants to die and go through a bad plant experience. So, we got you covered with our 7 days guarantee.

Terms and condition:

    • If the plants die which are not under your control, we will refund the plant amount or replace the plant as per your choice.
    • The guarantee will be void under the following circumstances: Repotting of the plant, overwatering or underwatering the plant, use of unwanted fertilizers, pest infestation, and other things which are against the care of the particular plants. So, we highly encourage the buyers to follow the care tips from our support team if you have no idea about plant care.
    • You are required to send videos and photo evidence as directed by our assistance.
    • Change of mind will not fall in this guarantee.

However, we would also like to tell you that plants don’t love drastic changes to their environment so some weariness or minor blemishes are to be expected. It may take a few days or weeks for your plant to adjust to its new home and thrive.

  • Defective Ceramic and Plastic Planters:

We assure you the best quality planters delivered to you. But, if there is any defect, we got you covered.

Terms and condition:

    • You are required to inform about the defect the same day of the delivery. We encourage you to check the products as soon as it is delivered.
    • You are required to send videos and photo evidence.